Body flows like butter
melting to a slow beat
Eye fall closed as head slips back
back arches in grace
as if into a sweet sleep

A ballet of sensuality
as his body melts around me

Hands roam
like hunger
searching for
to tease and appease
bring this whimper to a

Lips explore the soft
sweet skin
as back arches further
inviting him in

A ballet in its purest form
as his body turns mine warm

The touch so gentle
becomes a need
grasping, tearing
into me

I return it
in this ecstacy
fingernails bared
a bite from sharp teeth

Still a ballet in sensuality
as I move to him inside of me

dancing now
as only one
the sensations of freedom
have begun

And built so sweetly
to this rapturous chord
I melt into him,

Spirit Muse

To be your dreamspun muse
the object of your molten desire
a being of your own creation
setting your soul of stone on fire

The whisper of a ghost of clay
molded by your sculptor's hands
formed into a silken shore
a port in the storm for one man

A fairy dancing from your grip
a moonlit tease of evasion
you may catch a fleeting glimpse
as I flit away in jubilation

Drive you mad with every step
a look from slanting eyes
lashes shading passion
unleashed but still disguised

Molded from your calloused hands
all you thought you'd find
carressing into something else
leaving your eyes blind

Where once was playful spirit joy
now lies darkness deep
created to be a wildflower
now left deep in dreamless sleep

To love your own creation
such a bland and lonely place
but to love another's wild soul
bestows our wings, gives us grace

I will always be your muse
object of your soul's desire
yet I am still my own creation
free to dance in night's star kissed fire

Garden of Milk and Honey

Weave your spell with soft words of devotion
filling a dry heart with innocent emotion
bringing life to a mirrored glass ocean
leading us into this heart spinning motion

Hear your sweet voice touched with inspiration
see my wonder in devoted meditation
carries us on a wing of desperation
into this place of our two hearts own creation

Into this garden of Eden these sensations
Roses wild and overgrown in exultation
we exist alone in our elation
Softly held in the hands of evasion

Sunlight lost to the moon in devastation
leads us further down this sweet path of temptation
leaving us moonlit uncontained in admiration
we lie held by our garden, our creation

Stars fall happily to this place that we have found
Darkness fills with the ecstacy of night sounds
water flows into wildfire we may dance around
hopes and dreams full of future moments profound

In this rapture beyond imagined sanity
angels sing in joy and souls maturity
roses laugh and lillies throw thier colors free
I fall softly to your arms in heavens sleep

Spin your web sing your heart song that drew me here
show me your visions of flawless beauty so clear
hold me close as the morning dew falls to sear
wakes us and steals from us the dream that will outlast all years

Crash Time 4 AM

At four a.m.
I wake to
All asleep

Listen to the quiet house
silence soft as thunder

thoughts fly
like butterflies
darting away from the net that tries to capture them

what to think
where are you?
I know
but do
I really?

Snuggled in your bed
so far away
sleeping the sleep of babies
while I wake to raise our babies

I understand the hours
the work
you must be there
but yet
when daylight comes
is all the work
the hours
the weeks
the loss
worth the price
of all you're missing here?

These sweet days
will go away.
They're only babies
a short short while.
Even tired, run in circles
my eyes see their emptiness.

How can I tell you-
what will make your light eyes see
what your priorties
are stealing from them
and forcing onto me?

I am only one.
My best is not always enough,
and your blindness
to my plea,
my exhaustion,
my heartbreak
is a cold slap in the face.

I try not to be bitter
and I try to understand
but why do you feel a need so strong
to hold the whole world in your hands?

We are here waiting
one day it may matter
until then I'll be mother father maid cook farmer
teacher and mad hatter.

Easy Love (accrostic)

Each and every moment
An instant in eternity
Slow moving warm syrup
Yet bitter it is so sweet

Lost in this sensation
Open to your touch
Velvet on my pale skin
Every moment with you my love...

Author's Comments:
"Someone suggested I try an accrostic- gave me a subject, and here are the result... hope you enjoy"

Little Girl Lost

Little girl lost
What will you do?

Only yesterday
some time ago

Where to go now?
Its all changed.

Eyes wide open
sunlight reflecting off their

Little one don't cry
It won't change a thing
only break your heart
make you die

A little death inside

When life is pulled
like a rug from under your small pale feet
don't fall.

Look around
see whats still there
to sustain you

The world isn't ending
the sky is not falling
although it has cracked into a billion pieces

like crackled glass-
see through it
it might be pretty

orange red green tinted
all is emerald ruby topaz
waiting for you to discover
what could be

little girl
you're not little anymore

its time to grow up
and move past the things that children do
wake up to reality
in those deep brown eyes
no longer so pure

still reaching and climbing to be all
please them
but you can't do it.

Now its time to be you
see what you were made to see
in your old eyed wonder
wise but good
soft hearted

keep the cushion of you
for all of us to hold
to rest our heads on