I'm a Texas girl...how I love this state!
Everything about it is absolutely great!
The bluebonnets and paintbrush on the rolling
And scattered throughout are the old lumber mills.

The West Texas tumbleweeds blowing along
A straight dusty road like a sweet Texas song.
The South Texas beaches where land meets the sea
Is an ideal place for a vacation to be.

Ft. Worth, Dallas--the buildings so tall;
San Antonio, Lubbock, Waco in the fall.
The Longhorn steers that stand so proud,
Friday night football, exciting and loud.

From El Paso to Longview...across this big place;
The people of Texas will put a smile on your face.
The Lone Star State is where I'll remain!
Heaven and Texas---they are one and the same!

(c)2006 by Janis Williams

(to all victims of domestic violence)

Her bruises were there, though unnoticed by us
Hidden discreetly so they won't cause a fuss.
She suffered in silence, her pain well hidden;
To tell of her agony was strictly forbidden.

Withdrawn and quiet, so afraid was she
Of every new dawn, could she ever break free?
Survival became part of her everyday life;
Living with him, there was always such

"Oh, God, give me courage and strength to go
Far, far away where he doesn't know."
She prayed this each day and never lost sight
Of the visions she had every day, every

How hard can it be to just walk away?
Go on, get out! Leave him today!
Her thoughts are silenced as he comes through the
Her world turns dark as she falls to the

(c)2005 by Janis Williams


The sky becomes gray;
the flowers and plants begin to wilt.
The air that I breathe becomes thick
as if I am smothering.

My heart slows to a dull, irregular pace
as my blood becomes cold.
My soul becomes lonely and begins to starve
as if I am in prison.

My mind becomes cluttered
in a maze of confusion
As my eyes close in a
blinding ache.

The earth, my body, and my soul
go on a backward slide
And will not return to normal

until I am with you again.

(c)1999 by Janis Williams


To try to explain why I'm insane
Is just impossible.
My common sense is just pretense--
I'm not very knowledgable.

To understand is just a plan
I thought of just last night.
To figure what I should have thought
I don't think that I might.

To get my mind to try to find
A way to get around
Being smart in life without much strife
So far I haven't found.

So until I die I just won't try
To understand a bit.
I'll be content having my life spent
Being a total nit wit.

(c)1998 by Janis Williams